Searching for ‘N***a’ on Google Maps Brings Up the White House and Other ‘Places’. See Results for Other Slurs

Google, you have some ‘splaining to do. Users discovered that typing the ‘N’ word into Google Maps results in quite the list of search results. Depending on your location, Google Maps comes up with the White House, Waffle House, Howard University, Underground Railroad TV in Chicago and other, tourist (?), destinations.

Twitter user, @AceBoonCoon (oh, the irony) aka Bomani Buckhalter, discovered searching ‘n***er university* in Google Maps brought up Howard University, a historically black college in Washington, D.C.

Racial Slur Google Map Search 01

Hmm..but what does typing ‘n***a’ or *n***a house’ bring up? Well, glad you asked. The White House, it brings up the White House.

Racial Slur Google Map Search 02

“The screenshot first appeared from a fellow Howard University alum in our alumni GroupMe. I tested it out myself, and it started to spread rapidly in the other Howard University/DMV area GroupMe,” Buckhalter told The Huffington Post.

“It is location based, so [for] some of the students that are not currently in D.C., the search result was different. However, even if you’re not in D.C., ‘n***a house Washington D.C.’ shows the same result,” he added.

Some Twitterers didn’t believe it until they tried it for themselves, like this user:

Racial Slur Google Map Search 03

The White House in Washington D.C. came up, as did a Waffle House near South Carolina. That’s BS!! If you’re in D.C., who’s gonna need a Waffle House 500 miles away?!?! Absurd.

Underground Railroad TV comes up in Chicago. Give ’em a shout! Umm…if you’re in the area.

Racial Slur Google Map Search 05

Of course, what happens if you search for other racist words? If you’re thirsty, hit these guys up:

Racial Slur Google Map Search 06

But, of course, everything comes full circle:

Racial Slur Google Map Search 07

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