Bo Derek — The Original Courtney Stodden Still Looks ’10’-ish

Bo Derek hit the big screen in 1979 in the movie, 10. In it, she went gallivanting around in her bathing suit.

10 obviously describes her body. She was the Marisa Miller of her time. If Marisa Miller have even sniffed a screenplay. She was also the Courtney Stodden of her time.

See, Derek ran off to Germany at age 16. Youthful joie de vivre? Only if you consider escaping California statutory rape laws a carefree moment. Her boyfriend at the time, John Derek, was 30 years older than her. Soooo, just so there wouldn’t be any questions about who was getting who’s bratwurst, “Willkommen in Deutschland”.

Derek’s still acting. Most recently as the mother of Tara Reid in Sharknado 3. Derek’s got no pretense about Sharknado 3.

It wasn’t really acting..But being on a set – I love the business, I love the film business. And it’s always been good to me.’

It must suck getting old as a woman in Hollywood. One minute, you’re royalty and people want to suckle at your feet. The next minute, a script about flying sharks gets sent to you. ANd you accept.

‘Aging is really hard, and it’s tough. Bette Davis was right; it’s not for sissies, it really isn’t.

‘And there is a certain expectation. I get credit on one hand for not having had a facelift, and then on the other hand it’s, “Oh my God, why doesn’t she do something?” So you’re just torn. I just have to keep busy, have other interests, and try not to think about it.’

Bo Derek tries not to think about aging. That’s what optimistic people say when they get screwed over in life. Sooo, aging’s kinda like that. Kill me now.

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