Rob McElhenney of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ to Direct ‘Minecraft’ Movie Which is a Real Thing :(

Oh my god why are they making a Minecraft movie?! Warner Brothers you are out of your mind if you think Minecraft will have the same success as Lego did with their movie, WHICH IS WHAT I’M ASSUMING YOU’RE TRYING TO BANK OFF OF. As told by South Park, “Minecraft, it don’t got no winner. It don’t got no objective. You just fucking build and s**t and see if other things can come and knock it down.” Most importantly it doesn’t have the crucial licensing deals that brought us much of The Lego Movie substance.

Apparently because they are continuing their massacre of chaos into the movie realm, they’re bringing on Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to direct. I’m assuming they saw the Nightman musical and thought “Yes, that is the chaos we need.”

This collaboration is really toying with my heart: I love and admire everything about Always Sunny, but literally loathe everything about Minecraft thanks to some under twelve children in my life that are constantly telling me about Minecraft and BEGGING I download it on my devices for them to play; “No please, please stop asking me” is not an accepted answer to them.

Also, can we stop making films about video games? Adam Sandler is in one now which means the genre is completely ruined, that’s how it works.

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