‘The Walking Dead’ Ending Already Outlined by Robert Kirkman

Much like J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter, The Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman knows how he wants to end the series and it probably also includes killing off some of your favorite characters.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your favorite show is ending anytime soon, it just means the world is going to badger Kirkman’s with their theories and hope he spills the beans upon intoxication. The show is currently set for 12 seasons, according to the storyline. Unfortunately, that decision has nothing to do with the fine business people at AMC.

Most interestingly, Kirkman is ready to surprise viewers with character arcs and a show that isn’t just about “killing zombies.” He spoke recently on WTF with Marc Maron:

“The idea is that this story that’s longer than it has any business being, but it’s that length and watching those characters evolve over that time that’s gonna make it be this piece, that when it’s all done, you’ll look back on it and be like ‘what the hell, I thought they were just killing zombies. There’s totally an arc here and a thing going on, and I didn’t think the story was about this!’”

Place your bets on messages now; little did you know, The Walking Dead is a modern-day after school special and you’re about to get slapped with a lesson… in, you know, a few seasons. Also, here’s a hint, Kirkman sees the ending as “hopeful.” Yes, zombies eating your loved ones does lend itself to that.

“I see the story from beginning to end, over many, many years, so I think it’s a very hopeful story about humanity overcoming this insurmountable, apocalyptic situation … it’s just gonna take them a long time to do it.”

Kirkman also muses, after being prompted by Maron, that he does hope to eradicate those pesky zombies one day, if the show goes on long enough. Perhaps the walkers would like to get rid of the pesky humans, Kirkman, maybe they’re sick of getting second killed, twissst. 

The 12 seasons the show is seen at landing on has been determined by the plot-outlines currently set for some of the characters, but if you also follow the comics, Kirkman recently stated in a Reddit AMA that he plans to do 300 comics, so there’s no ending in sight.

“I do plan on doing at least 300 issues, but if I’m having this much fun then I won’t stop there. Also, if I suddenly start having a lot LESS fun, I may end it earlier, but I don’t see that happening. I’m in for the long haul, and Charlie Adlard is too.”

The current moral of this after school special? Reading pays off way more than watching TV.

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