Amy-Jane Brand — Any Girl with Two First Names Is Always a Handful

Aussie girls never disappoint. They’ve got that crazy side to them that’s sorta ingrained into their psyche. Not saying this Aussie here, Amy-Jane Brand, is one of those girls. I mean, she was born in England, she might have that English proper side to her. Maybe she spends Saturday nights at home with her quilting group. Then makes out in a wild quitting free-for-all. You might have seen her in Zoo magazine and Maxim.

Arsenic Magazine recently did what looks like an e-mail Q&A with her. The most interesting tidbits:

AM: Take a look back at high school, what “clique” would you say you were in?
AJB: I was in the popular group of kids at school but I would often get picked on by them, being the opinionated person I am, I would always stick up for myself though. Looking back now, all of those bullies are complete drop kicks lol, life begins after you leave school!

Define, “picked on”. Let’s assume it wasn’t being shoved into a locker.

AM: Finish this sentence, “When I’m not in front of the camera you can find me:” 
AJB: Going through new music, DJing at home, at the gym, eating or searching for cool vintage Harley and band tees online haha.

Oh, you like music too? Dat’s coo…

AM: What do you love the most about your career? 
AJB: I love the way I get to travel and meet new people. Since I started modeling I’ve been able to make friends in all different cities around the world, to me that’s awesome.

That part’s pretty dope. Pretty sure models are dog-eat-dog and catty, but if you run into someone doing the same thing you like and won’t take a pair of scissors to your dress, you can bond with them pretty fast. Plus, you can always invite them to your quilting group…

🐰 Goodnight Instagram! Xx

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