Ben Affleck Wanders Apartments at Night Like Batman…or a Peeping Tom

Divorce can drive a man mad. So much idle time on his hands that a wife and kids once filled. After divorce, it’s just emptiness, loneliness and hookers. So, it’s not a surprise that news is trickling out about Ben Affleck’s strange behavior. He’s staying in Atlanta to accompany Jennifer Garner while she films Miracles from Heaven. Strange since hello, they’re divorced. You’d imagine he’d wanna be 3000 miles away doing blow with prostitutes.

Even stranger, Affleck wanders around his Atlanta apartment complex at night. Kinda like Batman. Maybe this is research. Or perhaps Affleck’s slowly losing his mind.

“He wanders around alone,” says the source, adding that his movements have been caught on security cameras.

“He even takes long elevator rides, stopping at other floors before returning to his place. When people approach him, he claims he’s just stretching his legs. But he’s acting very strangely,” says the insider.

This like a scene from Good Will Hunting, where Matt Damon’s character cleans the MIT campus at night and solves problems on chalkboards. Except substitute Affleck for Damon, Atlanta for MIT and problem solving with furtive peeping.

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