Turns Out Asking Women to Urinate in Your Taxi Is Considered Objectionable

Get this, some taxi companies look down on drivers asking riders to piss in their back seats in exchange for free rides. When did communism overtake the taxi industry?? If an Uber driver asked me to urinate in their car in exchange for a free ride, I’ll make sure to down two Gatorades beforehand. In Glasgow, Scotland, one 55-year old taxi driver made just such requests.

It is claimed by the police that in April the man picked up a female passenger in the early hours on the city’s Queen Street before driving her to an unknown destination.

It is alleged he told her he would waive the fare if she relieved herself in the black taxi.

The passenger is said to have refused and later reported the incident to Police Scotland.

Undeterred, this unnamed gentleman asked another woman to do the same.

The force then claimed in late June, again in the early hours, he picked up a lone female outside a licensed premises in the Glasgow’s Virginia Street where he is then alleged to have driven her to an unknown location and offered a free fare if she urinated in the taxi.

Again, the passenger refused and was dropped off in the city centre.

Scottish police have suspended the guy’s license. There sure are some picky people out there who don’t know a good deal even if it pissed on their head.

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