Emma Roberts in Unretouched Underwear Ads Proves… Something

Aerie, American Eagle’s millennial brand or whatever, released their new campaign featuring Emma Roberts. And guess what? Aerie has not airbrushed one hair on Emma’s disgusting body. Market research as taught them how to appease the internet and go viral. “We need more viral,” Aerie probably shouted at their 20-something intern one day. The result was this.

Back in July when the campaign was announced, Roberts told Refinery29, “I’ve actually never felt more confident and comfortable on a set — which is amazing, because you don’t have that safety net. But I saw the photos and was like, you know what? This is great — this is just me, in clothes I feel good in, being who I am.”

She could finally stop worrying about her 5% body fat. It’s like a weight had been lifted.

Emma, as you can see, is a 24-year-old with the body of a banana that’s been sitting out in the sun for 2 weeks. She looks like Tara Reid’s stomach’s nightmare. So brave.

Sloth’s ugly sister hopes this campaign will give young women some perspective. “I hope girls feel good knowing that when you see these supposedly ‘perfect’ people in movies or in ads, that’s not real. You know, I’m like any other girl — sometimes you wake up and you’re having a great day, and other days you just don’t feel good about yourself. The way actors and celebrities are presented can be so unrealistic, and I wanted to put myself out there in a different way.

She adds, “Even I have days where that anxiety comes up: ‘I’m not doing enough, I need to work out more’ — but no, you need to do what’s good for you, what feels good, and what works for your body and your mind. And that’s all you can do.”

You know what? I have to agree. I believe that after seeing Emma’s campaign and knowing it hasn’t been retouched, girls won’t scream “wtf?!” and definitely won’t stand in front of their mirror drawing circles around their fat with red lipstick. Instead, when girls see this shoot of Emma with perfect makeup and lighting, they’ll think to themselves, “If this lumpy piece of s**t can make it in Hollywood, I might just be alright.”

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8 years ago

Looks damn good to me. Nice shaming though, Victor. Perhaps it’s time to post some untouched photos of yourself, eh?

The Blemish
8 years ago
Reply to  Rev

Bleep boop. Sarcasm has gone undetected.