Nick Gordon Killed Bobbi Kristina Claims Lawyer

Remember how Bobbi Kristina was found drugged and lying face down in her bathtub? The lawyer who represents Kristina’s estate says Nick Gordon did it. Hey. No one likes a narc, bro.

According to the lawyer, Gordon, who, if you’ll remember, is Kristina’s husband and sort-of-brother, gave her a toxic cocktail and drowned her in the tub.

The lawyer says at 6 AM on January 31st — hours before Bobbi Kristina was found face down in the tub — Nick Gordon came home from an all-night cocaine and alcohol bender. The suit claims he reviewed camera footage and became irate.

The suit says Gordon began screaming at Bobbi Kristina, accusing her of cheating and calling her a “whore and bitch.”

It escalated quickly, to say the least.

Their argument then went from room to room, and at some point the suit claims Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” that rendered her unconscious.

The lawyer then says Gordon dragged Bobbi Kristina to the bathroom where he placed her face down in a tub filled with cold water.

Then things took a turn for the… romantic?

According to the docs, Gordon got in bed, put his head on a female guest’s ankle and said, “Now I want a pretty little white girl like you.”

According to this, Nick was about one skin mask away from becoming a profile for forensic psychology majors.

The suit also says when Bobbi Kristina was pulled from the tub, one of her teeth was hanging loosely from her mouth, indicating she had been injured.

And this is odd … the suit says authorities found a dust pan at the bottom of the tub.

Wait. That part was odd? Not the part where a girl was waiting in his bed while he killed his wife or the part where he whispered sweet nothings to her after drowning Bobbi Kristina in the tub? Yea, ok TMZ. I think we’re going to have to have a little chat about the definition of “weird”.

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