Here’s Kermit the Frog’s New Girlfriend Denise

Kermit the Frog steps out with new flame. That would be the tabloid headline. Less than a month ago, Kermit broke up with Miss Piggy and ended a 38-year relationship. Now comes first photos of his newest piece, Denise.

According to People magazine, she is supposedly the head of marketing at ABC. That’s…ironic. No word on her species, but she looks piggish. Are we allowed to ask her species? Or is this don’t ask, don’t tell.

Kermit still has a gig with Miss Piggy on her late-night talk show, Up Late with Miss Piggy. Supposedly, Denise stops by to see Kermit where they presumably rub their felt against each other.

No word on who Miss Piggy’s dating. Kermit’s acting all cool right now. Wait ’til another man sticks his hand up Miss Piggy’s butt. That’s enough to make Kermit’s fur stand up.

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