Tyga Gives Kylie Jenner ‘Off the Charts’ Sex Life, Now She’s Ready to Rule the World

Big ups to Tyga. He got ’em while they were young. Oh, what, no? Ok, whatever. Kylie Jenner has lived in the shadow of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner for too long. Now, she’s coming into her own as a empty, soulless creature ready to suck off Hollywood’s…teat. It starts with her amazing sex life.

“Kylie is at an all time high in her confidence right now. She’s never felt this good about herself or her body and she loves showing it off,” an insider tells “Her sex life with Tyga is off the charts and she can’t help but brag about it. Pretty much everyone in her family, well except for Caitlyn [Jenner] and her older brothers, are encouraging her to explore her sexuality and be proud of it.”

That’s not too bad of an idea. Let us know when the lesbianism starts. Tyga has a simple power: making Kylie feel good. Anyone so vain has hidden insecurity inside. Consider that she’s only 18. What 18-year old isn’t insecure? Tyga makes her feels good and that gives her that confidence.

Confidence enough to now believe that she’s the real star of the Kardashian clan. Kylie’s at the New York Fashion Week right now. What she’s seen there is that Kendall’s popularity is dying down. Now, it’s her turn. From Radar Online:

“Last September, Kylie couldn’t even get anyone to notice her because she had her old face and everyone was all ‘Kendall Kendall,’” claims the insider. “Now, even though she is not a model like her sister, she is the one that has all of the press waiting outside of her hotel room.”

“Kylie is not there to support her sister. She is there to shop and get photos taken of her with Tyga,” the source tells Radar.

Wow, great that these sisters have each other’s backs. It must be tough both supporting her sister and twisting that knife in her back at the same time. These two must sleep with one eye open at night. Like they say, you reap what you sow.

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