Mom Responds To Son’s Racist Facebook Post With Shocking Truth

In a world where potential employers have their interns rifling through your Facebook to find your character flaws, and social media sites like Tumblr have turned outing and destroying the lives of social media racists into a sport, why do all these low-key Klan members keep spilling their foul guts all over the Internet? It’s probably because people that ignorant don’t have time for any of that critical thinking witchcraft.

“What do you mean I gotta think before I act? What am I? Gay?” Said Jim Dean Mayonnaise, probably.

In the midst of a masturbatory outpouring of ignorance from one immigrant-hating Neanderthal and his grunting, crotch-scratching buddies…

…his mom arrived in a blaze of glory.

This lady takes getting real to levels never before seen in the wild. I’m pretty sure this is actually the plot of the Marvel film, Thor.

At least when this guy’s surprise adoption drives him to destroy the universe, he’ll stick to pissant social media griping. Though, he might think twice before doing it in front of his mom, who literally shoots to kill.

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think. 

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