Nickelodeon Agrees: The 90s Were the Best

As nearly everyone agrees, the 90s were the best time to be alive. As a child of the 90s myself I know that the media produced then, specifically children’s television programming, is unparalleled. Nickelodeon was basically the king of the 90s and now they’ve announced they’re going to begin reviving their old shows, starting with Hey Arnold.

A Hey Arnold! TV movie is being developed at Nickelodeon, with a storyline that will pick up where the series left off and answer all those unanswered questions that made the show great, like what happened to Arnold’s parents?

Chris Viscardi, co-creator of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, has been named senior vice president of content development and production and while he’ll be responsible for current shows, he’s also bringing a wave of nostalgia.

Russell Hicks, president of content development and production says,

 “Kids who grew up on these characters are now of the age that they are having kids and families themselves. Our library has come to fruition and it’s time for it to start coming back to life.”

Nope! That’s not how things are supposed to work, dude! My mom grew up watching The Partridge Family and Bewitched and The Monkees and when the Baby Boomers had their kids, network executives weren’t like, “Let’s bring back all the old stuff!” The network executives were green lighting stuff like Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy.

Executives are too scared of taking chances these days. Don’t let the s**t that’s going on in Hollywood with countless reboots and multiverse franchises seep into television! Television’s the only good thing we have anymore!

Of course this Hey Arnold movie is probably going to be good but that’s not really the point. Make something good, let it have its life, and move on to make something else good.

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Cameron Roland
Cameron Roland
7 years ago


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