Southwest Airlines Is OK(KK) with Racist Passengers Kicking Muslims Off of Flights

Southwest Airlines might want to change their slogan “You Are Now Free To Move About The Country” because clearly that only applies to some passengers.

The world’s biggest low-budget airline carrier allowed a few racist passengers to kick Arabic-speaking and Muslim passengers off of two separate flights this week. I’m pretty sure this is the kind of shit Donald Trump thinks about when he masturbates.

As reported by NBC Philadelphia, 29-year-old Maher Khalil and 28-year-old Anas Ayyad, who both moved to Philadelphia from Palestine fifteen years ago, were speaking Arabic in the terminal while waiting for their flight. After overhearing them, a passenger on their flight approached the gate agent and demanded that they be removed from the flight. Instead of telling them to shove it, the agent actually did it and told the pair that they couldn’t get on the flight they had paid for because a passenger was afraid to fly with them.

I wonder how this mysterious passenger feels about being around school campuses and movie theaters with white guys in them? Any similar reservations, buddy?

Unsure of what else to do, Khalil called 911, and told the police that he’d been racially profiled.

“If that person doesn’t feel safe, let them take the bus,” Khalil, who owns two pizza parlors in Philadelphia, told the Southwest Airlines gate agent, according to NBC Philadelphia. “We’re American citizens just like everybody else.”

After a delay and questioning, Khalil and Ayyad were finally allowed to board the flight. I hope that questioning consisted mostly of goddamn apologies. This wasn’t even the only instance of Southwest bowing to the demands of ignorant passengers this week. On Wednesday, passengers on another Southwest flight from Chicago to Houston barred six Muslims from getting on their flight. Southwest actually had the group rebooked on another flight.

Southwest initially didn’t release anything in response, but has since released statements on both of the flights. They try to shuffle the blame, but pretty much only succeed in making it look like they don’t give a shit.

Wanna hear my statement? Southwest can suck it.

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10/10 points for probably the best-pun-article-title this site has ever had.

The Blemish

Conflicted feelings.


That ain’t right!


Think of the type of person who would complain as a result of just hearing some Arab looking guys speaking in their native tongue. If this is really what happened it would seem the that complainer is the one with the loose screw.

Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel

Yep…you think it’s rasict? Tell that to the 180 people lying in their dead liberal coffins in Paris

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