CNN’s Poppy Harlow Fainted On Air

Poppy Harlow was filling in for Carol Costello on CNN Newsroom and presenting a report on American efforts against ISIS when she passed out. Her speech began to slur while explaining a graphic depicting American’s disapproval with measures taken against ISIS. CNN cut away to a commercial break before she collapsed.

People immediately took to Twitter asking what had happened. It doesn’t seem like anyone even made any horrible jokes about it, which is pretty rare for the internet. Is everybody feeling ok?

When the show returned, CNN aired a Brian Stelter report on the top 10 media stories of the year before returning to Harlow so she could explain her fainting spell.

“For all of you on Twitter asking if i’m okay, thank you so much. I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine, we’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back.”

Harlow also kept all of her concerned followers updated on her condition:

and the condition of her baby:

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