These Dudes Replaced Darth Vader’s Voice With Donald Trump’s and I See No Difference

YouTube auteurs “The Auralnauts” have done the kind of service to absurd political art Banksy jerks off thinking about. If you know anything about Star Wars, you know that while Vader’s iconic voice was dubbed over by the powerful James Earl Jones, it was really a crusty white dude in the suit the whole time. You can’t get much crustier and white-dude-ier than Donald Trump, who is just as unintelligible in real life as he is in this video.

Seriously, outside of being rich and hating Muslims, does anyone even know what he’s saying ever? He talks like a four-year-old that only knows right wing buzzwords.

In any case, if you love yourself, watch this. Darth Trump is some funny s**t. The fact that they plastered his logo all over the imperial ships is just icing on the absurd cake.

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