Ice Cube Doesn’t Give a F**k About the Oscars

Ice Cube was one of the core inspirations for the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton. The movie grossed over $200 million worldwide. Pretty weird considering that, according to Bill Maher, Asians hate black people too much for films starring them to do well in international markets, right?

Despite the film being universally loved, it was ignored by the crusty academy when Oscar nod time came. Because of this, of course people are gonna come to Ice Cube and ask how he feels about Hollywood’s diversity problem.

How does Ice Cube feel about #OscarsSoWhite? He says he “can’t be mad.” On The Graham Norton Show he talked about whether or not he’d be taking part in the upcoming Oscars boycott.

“You can’t boycott something that you never used to go to anyway.”

He cares far more about the audience response than any award. While the industry gold standard excluding anyone darker than weak tea is pretty fucked up, it’s pretty cool of Ice Cube to put the legacy of N.W.A and their fans before any industry bullshit.

“We don’t do movies for the industry. We do movies for the fans, for the people. And the industry, you know, if they give you a trophy or not or pat you on the back or not, it’s nice but its not something that you should dwell on.

Check out Ice Cube getting real on Graham Norton below.

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