University of Miami Sorority Girls Make Four Minute Music Video ‘Recruitment Clip’

It 100% makes sense that a sorority advertisement would be some kind of white girl fantasy on steroids. This is like a Lana Del Rey music video if it was directed by bros. This ridiculous video features not only an original song by some chick from The Voice no one will care about in 3 months, but a better production value than most shows on CBS.

I think I even counted four whole not white girls in it. Wow. What a diverse sorority. It, like, totally gets me when they, like, all come together to form an anchor, the ultimate symbol of white-girl-ness.

Like, oh my god. 

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7 years ago

Why do I sense that Isadora was mean-girled into therapy somewhere early in life?

Captain Sarcasticus
Captain Sarcasticus
7 years ago

Ahhhhhh… the future of American academia!