Donald Trump’s 10 Best Twitter Insults (So Far)

Donald Trump acts a lot like a bitchy second grader that’s having a perpetual tantrum, and nothing proves it more than his Twitter. This presidential hopeful has spent the last seven months spewing insults like some kind of aging s**t fountain against everything and everyone in existence.

Check this out.

Is he saying that doctors create nursing jobs? Is he saying that it’s the job of doctors to create jobs? Maybe in 1000 years archaeologists will be able to tell us what this means.

This might be the only thing Donald Trump has said throughout his entire campaign that’s real.

Ok, maybe two whole truths. Incredible.

Yeah, he even has a problem with Samuel Jackson’s golf swing. Is there anything Trump doesn’t have a problem with?


At least we know he’s highly evolved enough to be passive aggressive. That’s more than I expected.

Yeah, who even says dumb and nasty things regularly? What a mystery.

The entire mainstream media? Wow. Tell me more.

I would love to have Donald Trump explain in detail exactly how the Washington Post is a tax scam.

Does Donald Trump think Paris is in Germany? Maybe that Miss America contestant was right. America really doesn’t have maps.

We’ve run though politicians, actors, corporations, TV figures, the entire mainstream media, and France/Germany??? And the Trump rage even extends to inanimate objects. What a true gentleman.

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