Kylie Minogue Disapproves of Kylie Jenner’s Trademark Filing

Kylie Jenner, famous for being the sister of a woman who got her start by having someone rail her from behind, wants to trademark the name Kylie. Kylie Jenner was born in 1997 so she probably didn’t even know Kylie Minogue existed. But she does and she’s not going to stand for any of these trademark shenanigans.

The reality TV star is seeking protection for the term in connection with advertising services. The application was published for opposition in August last year.

KDB, an Australian-based business representing Minogue, filed a notice of opposition to the application on Monday, February 22.

KDB claimed that if the US Patent and Trademark Office approved Jenner’s application then it would cause confusion among consumers between the two Kylies and dilute her brand.

The company also cited existing trademark registrations for the term ‘Kylie’ that cover entertainment services and music recordings.

Minogue also owns trademarks for the terms ‘Kylie Minogue darling’, ‘Lucky – the Kylie Minogue musical’ and ‘Kylie Minogue’.

Counterpoint. Kylie Jenner…. uh… ok, I got nothing. There are no redeeming qualities about Kylie Jenner. I’m pretty sure if you stood next to her, you’d actually lose IQ points.

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7 years ago

Team Minogue