Brothers Prank Little Sister Still High From Her Tooth Surgery Into Thinking There’s a Zombie Apocalypse

Do people really get that messed up from anesthesia? These two brothers better watch their back once their little sister recovers from wisdom tooth surgery. Millicent gets driven home by her brother. All of a sudden, a news broadcast comes on warning of a zombie apocalypse.

Millicent’s brother calls their mother who warns “that this is not a test.” The brother drives her home, but Millicent wants to get out now.

When they get home, they go through a series of questions like which pet to save.

The cat or the dog? “THE CAT YOU IDIOT!” But what about the dog? “HE’S THE WORST, HE’S ALREADY DYING. LEAVE HIM, GET THE CAT.”

Damn, cold-hearted. Millicent’s all about survival.

The brothers want to arm her with a hoe, but Millicent isn’t that dumb, “a garden hoe isn’t what we want. We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?”

You get the gist.

This prank war could escalate quickly. Millicent should have someone get her brother’s girlfriend pregnant and prank him nine months later. “Remember that zombie prank? Surprise beyotch. Kid ain’t yours!”

[H/T Someecards]

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