Donald Trump Is the First Limp Dicked, Shrimp Fingered Rapist to Run for President

Considering Donald Trump can’t go 15 seconds without talking about his dick, I knew that s**t was busted.

A bunch of Trump biographers got together to talk s**t on the pile of human garbage currently running for Prez for Politico‘s “Trumpology: A Master Class,” and it is surely a delight. They get right to it with a bomb dropped by former Texas Monthly and Newsweek reporter Harry Hurt III in his Trump biography.  Check out this excerpt from Politico talking about it.

What broke up Trump’s first marriage? Harry Hurt III writes that Ivana “confided to female friends that Donald had difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.”

It’s what he deserves because the most famous s**t brought to light by that book was the fact that Ivana divorced him on the grounds of “inhuman treatment” after he allegedly raped her in 1989. Her divorce was granted.

Every time I think I have no expectations for Donald Trump, and the bar can’t get any lower, he somehow sinks beneath it. What a despicable creature. If you’re wondering why Donald didn’t try to sue Hurt or his publishers for daring to not suck his dick for 13 seconds, Hurt unloaded this incredible story during the roundtable.

He thinks there’s no cat he can’t charm out of the tree, but then when you back him in, he goes crazy. Prior to the publication of my book, he and his lawyer, Jay Goldberg, came to scream at the folks at Norton, mainly about Ivana’s divorce deposition. And they were pounding their fist. You know, they’re very tall guys. Norton’s lawyer was a 5-foot-tall lady in about her 60s. And finally Donald got so frustrated, he jumped up and he pulls a tape recorder out of his coat pocket. He said, “I’ve been recording all this,” and our little lawyer looked at him, and Goldberg just turned like this napkin, white. “You’ve been recording this and you didn’t tell us? That’s not right.” And I’m going, “Yeah.”They walked out and I said, “He can’t sue us now. He’s not going to sue us because they just shot themselves in the foot.”

If this man is President I’m fucking out of here.

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