Girl Gets Accidental Jeremy Lin Tattoo, Rolls With It

This is the story of a white girl who wanted to do basic white girl s**t by getting a Chinese tattoo on her ankle and ending up becoming one of the most awesome people ever and turning into one of Jeremy Lin’s biggest fans.

Holland Christensen loves languages. That’s all you need to know when you ask why she wanted to get your usual white person Chinese tattoo. Like anyone would do, she asked a random person on the internet for a translation of something she wanted. Well, they gave it to her. And she totally meant to Google translate it to make sure it was right, because rando on internet, but due to a series of unfortunate events, she didn’t. Instead, she busted into a tattoo parlor like the Kool-Aid man and asked for the tattoo.

As you could have guessed by now, the tattoo wasn’t the phrase she wanted. In reality, it was NBA star Jeremy Lin’s name. To make matters worse, Holland had no clue who Jeremy Lin was and wasn’t even that much of a basketball fan. By everyone’s standard, this was a massive fail.

Luckily for Holland, she owned it like nobody’s business and slowly turned herself into Jeremy Lin’s biggest fan. She watched every game he had ever played and became such a huge fan she drove from Atlanta to Charlotte pretty much by herself to watch a game. You can hear her detailed explanation here.

The tattoo even caught Jeremy Lin’s attention who posted on Reddit to poke some fun at her.

These two are totally going to get married. Or at least high five at a playoff game.

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Holly Christensen
Holly Christensen
7 years ago

Out of all the articles I have seen, I just want you to know that this one is my favorite.

7 years ago

Damn she messed up. Oh well. “Better Luck Tomorrow” lolololololol