All These Real Life Jon Snows Are Pretty Lame

Considering that Jon Snow is one of the more normal fantasy names, it’s not Tyrion Lannister or Albus Severus Potter or some s**t, it makes sense that there would be a few boring, normal, real life dudes kicking around named Jon Snow. The NY Post caught up with a few of them. These are their stories.

One such is Jon Snow, 45, of Charlottesville, Va. (we’ll call him Jon Snow 1), a car salesman who claims that his name tag alone is an instant icebreaker with customers.

“It’s been just a true blessing for the kind of business I’m in,” he says. “Anytime somebody makes a reference to my name, I can instantly build a rapport [by saying], ‘We’re south of the Wall right now’ or something along those lines, and pretense would drop, and it’s all about ‘Hey, what’s going on.’ … I’ve had people actually say, ‘I had to go buy a car from Jon Snow.’”

People will do anything for a laugh.

The same is true for Jon Snow, 50, of Fredericksburg, Va. (Jon Snow 2), a real estate agent. “I have actually had a few clients buy or list their homes using me as their agent because they love ‘Game of Thrones,’” he says. “I think I should start ‘Game of Homes.’”

More like Game of Groans, old timer.

Then you have Jon Snow 3, who is just doing his best to not have a good time.

Jon Snow, 26, of Manapalan, N.J. (Jon Snow 3), says that as a non-fan of the series — he gave up on the watch a few episodes into Season 1 (a blasphemy that the Sparrows would have a field day over, no doubt) — he finds the constant comparisons rather irritating, overall.

“I’ve had emails to customer service reps ignored and then followed up and found out they thought it was a prank,” he says. “I even had a Domino’s order canceled because they thought it was a prank.”

Wow. The one real life Jon Snow who legit knows nothing. Amazing.

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