Chris Matthews’s Hot Mic Catches Him Ogling Melania Trump

Uh-oh, Chris Matthews has been caught again on a hot mic sharing some of his thoughts that might not sit very well with his viewership. The MSNBC Hardball host, who recently made headlines for provoking Donald Trump’s stance on abortion, has some pretty strong opinions of the GOP frontrunner’s wife, Melania Trump. The only word one can use to describe the following excerpt from Matthews’ hot mic is creepy. He’s caught saying:

Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God, is that good … I could watch that runway show.

While you touch yourself, Chris? Is that what you mean?

I believe this to be grounds for MSNBC to release the host from his contract.

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8 years ago

Everyone knows Mathews is super pervy. It is just that he usually reserves his tingles for Obama. So I guess he is branching out now.