Is This Weird Doc About Shady Tickling Videos About to Blow up Bigger Than ‘Catfish’?

Ok, so get ready to hear about some weird ass s**t.

Tickled, a bizarre documentary in which New Zealand TV journalist David Farrier goes on a quest to discover what’s going on behind a company that throws money at hot young dudes to get them to star in “competitive endurance tickling videos” and then ruins their lives once they want out, was just picked up at Sundance. People are saying it might be the next Catfish. I’m still too busy saying “What the f**k?” to have any opinion.

This shady company, Jane O’Brien Media, pays fit young dudes thousands of dollars to be tickled by other fit dudes for long periods of time on camera. Farrier reached out to them because he thought it was funny, and ended up embroiled in a bizarro world of deceit, lies, threats, and conspiracy.

Check out the trailer for Tickled below, so if it blows up you can get asshole points and say you heard about it before it was cool.

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