These are Your Celebs at the MET Costume Institute Gala 2016

It looks like the organizers of this year’s MET Costume Institute Gala crop dusted invitations over the white parts of LA because every A to D-lister was there. Here are your winners because there were no losers tonight.

Weirdest outfit winner goes to Katy Perry. Hallelujah. You looked the most ridiculous. Come get your trophy forged from shame.

Saddest outfit goes to Kanye who showed up in ripped jeans and a bedazzled jacket. And freaking blue eyes.

Runner-up goes to Madonna who just gets a really loud sigh from me.

Most don’t give a f**k outfit goes to Kristen Stewart who looked like she got high and forgot she had to go to this thing so she grabbed her outfit and threw it on in the car ride there.

The person who you most want to go with if you want to live goes to Zayn Malik. Dude went full cyborg.

Most bronze goes to Olivia Wilde who must have gone through a drive-thru spray tan.

Classiest goes to Emma Watson. She probably knows which side the fork goes on.

Person who might have dressed for the wrong event goes to Miranda Kerr. Hey, do you know where you are?

Craziest hair goes to Lupita Nyongo’o. She looked like a potato tornado on a stick.

Hottest person there is a three way tie between Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Blake Lively. Congratulations you three. You may come claim your prize. Me.

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8 years ago

Congrats to Anna Wintour, for fully turning the Met Gala into the kitsch affair we all think it is. Well done. The guest list was bad enough, then most of the clothes…just so ironic.

Perry de Havilland
8 years ago

A few looked awesome… Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Amber Heard, Nina Dobrev, Karlie Kloss (only just), FKA Twigz, Emily R, and a couple others… most of the rest looked freakish and totally crass. Even the usually dependable Taylor Swift looked not so great.