Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino Movie Makes $141 on Opening Weekend

Straight to DVD movies make more money in theaters than Misconduct did in the UK.

What do you get when you take Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino, two of the most famous and acclaimed actors on earth, put them in a movie, don’t advertise it, don’t even try in any way to make it a good movie, piss off every critic on earth, and then show it?

The punch line to this joke is $141.

I don’t know what the f**k the people who put this movie together were thinking. You can’t spend $11 million hiring two famous dudes and forget about the rest of your fucking movie. The critics literally couldn’t even chew up this film and spit it out because it was such s**t.

From Variety:

Critics in Britain slammed the film, with one headline declaring it “the worst film Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino have ever made” and another calling it worthy of being screened in film schools “as a textbook example of how not to make a movie.” Directed by Shintaro Shimosawa, the film centers on a young lawyer (Duhamel) who goes after a corrupt pharmaceuticals executive (Hopkins) but who also must deal with one of his law firm’s partners (Pacino).

So, $141 is pretty bad right? But just how bad? Let’s break down just how terribly Misconduct did in theaters.

The movie was shown at only five locations in Britain, in theaters belonging to the Reel Cinemas chain. Even so, its takings averaged less than $30 per moviehouse, which translates to only three or four viewers at each of the five cinemas throughout the course of the entire weekend.

I’ll bet you in 20 years this Hopkins-Pacino flop is a cult classic. While this film hasn’t exactly been performing spectacularly for the most part, for some reason they are feeling it in South Korea, where it came up just shy of $1 million.

If anything, this movie proves that in the western world you can’t just haphazardly hammer two dudes that were in good movies decades ago into the same movie and expect anyone to give a s**t. It also proves that I don’t get what South Korea is into at all.

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