Margot Robbie Doesn’t Want to Be a Sex Symbol

This isn’t going to be a piece of substance. If you came here looking for some actual thoughts, you are not going to find them here. This is a piece in which we are going to spend less than 150 words trying to find creative ways to ogle Margot Robbie’s recent Vanity Fair cover shoot. Exhibit A:

Did you feel that heart palpitation too?

Here are some more. If that bikini pic isn’t enough, let’s dump a bucket of water on the girl wearing a white t-shirt. If 14-year-old boys like it, it’s good enough for me.

And then the glamour shot. The shot to end all shots. How can one person be this beautiful?

I bought a red bathing suit this summer thinking it would make me hotter than I am in a bae-watch kinda way, but now we all know it should have been nude. Nude is my dude.

Would putting on that bathing suit make me even a fraction as hot?

Dear god. That is a sex symbol if I’ve ever seen one. But word on the street–no, word from Robbie herself–is that it wasn’t what she bargained for when she became an actress. From Vanity Fair‘s August profile on the Suicide Squad actress, Robbie explains:

I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve got a really good team around me. I haven’t been exploited, I don’t feel. I’m more concerned with being labelled as a sex symbol. That makes me feel more uncomfortable than any day-to-day interactions I have.

And now you’re going to have to read the verbal assault that is that Vanity Fair profile written by human garbage man, Rich Cohen. It reads like a creepy text message from the guy who thinks telling you he likes you somehow gives him permission to be in your life–to expect something in return for his wasted feelings. Yes, the girl is probably the hottest human being not currently working as a model right now. But it does not give us permission to comment on her looks if she does not want it.

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7 years ago

If you don’t want to be labeled as a sex symbol, perhaps you best not do swimwear photo shoots, eh? I mean, what is the point of those then, other than to show off your beautiful physique. It is not like people can see your acting talent as you pose in nude swimwear, right?

Just embrace it. It is Hollywood, always has been, and if you get that label it means you are successful and getting great roles. Acting like it makes you uncomfortable looks super lame as you pose in swimwear or dress scantily as Harley Quinn.