It’s Deathstroke v. Batman in Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’

If anyone still cares about what Ben Affleck is going to do with Batman from now until he runs this s**t into the ground… this article is for you.

Earlier this morning, Batfleck used his Twitter account to do some cheap PR for his upcoming film The Batman.

In the dramatic clip, we spot a new villain. And Batfleck awaits anxiously for fan reactions in his mentions. The only villain it could possibly be is Deathstroke, the turbo-charged mercenary assassin.

Let’s just hope a standalone Batfleck is marginally better? Let’s not get our hopes up? But I watched The Town last night and Ben Affleck does have some chops in him. They just need to be lured out. Can The Batman be set in Boston? He does well there.

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