Jon Stewart’s HBO Show Might Be Here Just in Time for the Most Batshit Election Ever

This election has been really fucked up. It’s a nightmare. We really need Jon Stewart.

Let’s face it, Trevor Noah is cute, but he’s no Jon Stewart. And if anything on this cold dead earth can make me feel better about having to choose between Imperialist McPantsuit and The Literal Devil, it’s that Jon Stewart might be back in time for the dumpster fire the general election will definitely prove to be.

He’s gonna be back with an animated parody show he has full fucking run of according to HBO’s programming chief Casey Bloys. Thank you Jesus.

From The Huffington Post:

“I talked to Jon before this,” Bloys told THR. “He is establishing an animation studio. He wants to get material out on a daily basis. The idea is that it’s an animated parody of a cable news network in an Onion-like portal. It will be his voice, in his actual voice, and his tone.”

I need this so bad. Jon Stewart is the only man I trust.

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6 years ago

If you’re missing Stewart, check out Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Wish it were on more than once a week, but every bit of it is awesome. And watch it on youtube so you can see it unedited/unbleeped.

Patty Ayers
Patty Ayers
6 years ago

I’ve been a dedicated Jon Stewart fan for years, but I’m not going to see anything on HBO, since I don’t have that kind of money. Even if I did, an “animated show” sounds really lame, especially in comparison with Trevor Noah, who lately has actually been very hard-hitting and profound. Having a “cute face” doesn’t mean he’s not serious. Jon Stewart is pretty much over.

Francis Dec
Francis Dec
6 years ago

His expiration date up years ago. Another talentless hack from the Tribe.

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