Men Are So Over Taking Birth Control, The Side Effects Weren’t Worth It

You know how many shitty people there are on this sinking planet? You know how many more there would be if not for birth control? You know it’s been solely up to women to maintain the birth rate forever? We’ve been shouldering the burden of not only child birth and monthly menstruation cycles, in addition to insurmountable sexism and glass ceilings, but also abortions, awkward OB/GYN visits, uncomfortable IUD implantation. And that’s just been like the last 10 or so years. Since ‘the pill’ became common place in the United States, we’ve been enduring weight gain, tender breasts, migraines, loss of libido, so on and so forth. And just recently we’ve found it has played a hand in the crippling feeling of wanting to kill ourselves.

So when we said to some dudes, you guys want to be parents just as little, if not less than us… why don’t you start controlling the birth rate for a while? And we gotta commend you. It may have taken you a long time to come around to the idea, but you did try it. And guess what? Y’all felt some of those same side effects, namely the depression. And y’all handed the baton right back. Studies are halted. Men don’t wanna try birth control anymore.

Men can’t handle anything.

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Perry de Havilland
7 years ago

Or maybe it is just easier to wear a condom?

“Men can’t handle anything”

I’ll agree with you when more women than men get shipped home in body bags.

7 years ago

Er the “study” ended in permanent fertility issues for a percentage of the participants so it was halted. While you’re writing this as a one-sided gender issue you may wish to consider that in the Western world “the right to choose” is a women’s legal right only, men have no fetal rights and can be forced to become a parent without giving their consent – however Family Law is so heavily laden with gender role that despite not giving their consent, they are legally obligated to provide for the child they did not consent to having. Here in Australia and… Read more »