People are Petitioning Quentin Tarantino to Direct Deadpool 2

Quentin Tarantino is awesome. Deadpool is awesome. So, of course it just makes sense that you would combine those two things and get a ton of awesome.

North Carolina native Carl Champion Jr. started an online petition to get the Hateful Eight director to direct the Deadpool sequel, after Tim Miller dropped out earlier this week due to “creative differences.”

I don’t know how you can creatively differ on a movie like Deadpool, but I do know that Tarantino wouldn’t have those differences. He’d sit in his chair, tell Ryan Reynolds to curse a lot, come up with creative ways to kill people, and sit back as Deadpool 2 becomes to the highest grossing film of his career.

There’s very little chance this happens, but we should champion Carl for his brilliant idea. He’s the hero we need in the Deadpool director’s dilemma.

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Carl Champion Jr
7 years ago

Haha thank you for the kind words, but much Wade himself, I’m definitely no hero