Philippines’ Miss Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart Compared Duterte to Hitler and Quickly Apologized

Imelda Schweighart, Miss Earth Philippines, and Kimberly Budinsky, Miss Earth Austria, posted a Facebook live video where Schweighart asked Budinsky if Hitler was from Austria. As awkwardness enveloped the video, she answered that they don’t really talk about Hitler but yes. Schweighart, who’s half German, then said, “OMG. Our president is doing Hitler stuff here.”

Before Duterte¬†could pass the death squads a note with Imelda Schweighart’s name on it (if he could even spell it), she apologized on her Facebook. She was comparing Duterte to Hitler in a¬†good way, guys. He’s a good Hitler!

Guys, I’m a Duterte follower. The people who talk to me everyday knows how delightful I am to see and experience the change he has made happen so far. I am a half German that is the reason why I talked to a fellow delegate about ‘Hitler’ so casually who is Austrian. Because all my life I am always teased by fellow filipinos as ‘Hitler’ because they are not well informed that Hitler was not German. In fact Hitler was Austrian. So, when I saw a fellow delegate I made a soft joke about it out of my excitement. I am an extremist so forgive me my fellow Filipinos and Duterte supporters if you didn’t understand how I am. I got that idea wherein I said, ‘Duterte is doing Hitler stuff’ from online news, newspapers with headlines saying he is Hitler-like but for the good. I was just not able to explain what I really meant further in Facebook live because my mind was occupied with the other delegates I want to capture on my Facebook Live cover. That is what I meant. Hope you appreciate me explaining myself so that you understand more. Peace.

I’ll give her this. Her survival instincts kicked in way faster than mine would have.

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