Watch Tiffany Trump Avoid Donald’s Kiss

Even Tiffany Trump doesn’t want her dad’s kiss. Icky. So icky. Guess Donald didn’t bring his Tic Tacs.

At the end of Sunday’s debate, Donald Trump went in for a kiss on daughter Tiffany’s cheek. “Hellll no!!” was Tiffany’s response. That’s what she said on the inside. I can read into people’s souls.

After Donald’s “grab that pussy” and rape-y remarks, his lips looked like two huge, pulsating, volcano of blisters to Tiffany and nah, she’ll pass. She ended up rubbing Donald’s arm dismissively.

Sad, so sad. Can’t a man just give his own daughter a friendly kiss and let her sit on his lap afterwards and talk about her breasts admiringly? If not, then this isn’t the America I want. The terrorists have won.

Even Ivanka Trump thought, you know, Imma just shake my own dad’s hand and leave it at that.

Man, everyone hates Donald, even his own family. You know who shakes hands? Your local chamber of commerce members. Donald, though, has ruined it with his family for now. It’s handshakes from here on out.

This reminds me of Ted Cruz’s daughter avoiding his kiss. “Take my affection you twerp! We’re on the campaign trail!!!” is what that Cruz kiss is saying.

What is it with Republicans? Their kids always hate them.

{H/T Death and Taxes]

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