R.L. Stine Working With Marvel

If you grew up reading Goosebumps, you’ll be excited to know that author R.L. Stine is working with Marvel on a new comic series. During a Reddit AMA, Stine broke the news.

“I’m writing a series of comic books for Marvel. My first comics ever. But I’m not allowed to talk about them yet.”

If you didn’t grow up reading Goosebumps and only know the name due to the average Jack Black movie, then this news isn’t quite as exciting.

The crossover appeal here could be fantastic. Imagine Iron Man entering The Dead House or Captain America spending the day at Horrorland. I’d fine fine with Stine just re-writing all the Goosebumps books and just adding Marvel characters to go along with the artwork.

[Ed. note: R.L. Stine’s Twitter timeline is a lot different than I expected.]

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