Rosie O’Donnell Wants Trump to Hate Her More – Accused Baron of Being Autistic

Rose O’Donnell and Donal Trump may be one of the most most heated rivalries in all of history. Trump brought her up during a Presidential debate to insult her, so the war is on.

Rosie recently sent out a tweet that’s got a lot of backlash and is sure to incite the Donald’s wrath.

O’Donnell links to a YouTube video, that she did not make, that contends that Barron Trump shows signs of autism. Or he just shows signs of being a 10-year-old boy living in a crazy house.

Rosie’s received a lot of backlash from the tweet with people stating that she’s “going after a 10-year-old” and that perhaps the only innocent Trump shouldn’t be the target of questionable YouTube videos.

After Twitter expressed their distaste, O’Donnell tweeted again reiterating that she did not make the video and that she thought Barron was “truly angelic” and “beautiful like Ivanka.”

Trump has yet to comment, but he’ll probably hold a national press conference to address the nations greatest threat, Rosie O’Donnell.

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