Jennifer Lawrence Hates Your Selfies

Jennifer Lawrence has no time for your selfies.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Lawrence had this to say about selfies with fans.

“I have just started becoming really rude and drawn into myself. I think that people think that we already are friends because I am famous and they feel like they already know me – but I don’t know them.”

And who can blame her? Times were much simpler when fans would shove a pen and paper in your face asking for an autograph. That took two seconds. Now everyone wants to put their arm around you, make sure the lighting is right, give a big smile, fumble with the phone, and take five minutes to press the button just to post the picture on social media.

I don’t even like taking selfies with my girlfriend. Why would anyone want to take a bunch of selfies with strangers? Ask for autographs. You can sell them for a lot more.

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So, who is she blaming for any hurricane for every other hurricane in the past?

Bill Miles

Wow. There is not one word in the quotes you gave that supports the title of this post. Donald Trump doesn’t believe in global warming. Although it doesn’t cause hurricanes, it does make them worse because warm waters cause stronger ones – and people voted for him, which in her mind means they voted for someone who doesn’t want to fix it. That is all. Horrible article.

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Two years. Nine months pregnant and fifteen months with the baby before returning to work. Her current significant other likes to knock up his flames so why not this immature girl?


Yeah it sucked for her. If she was my daughter, I;d be pissed at want to sue everyone involved.

As to Weinstein, let’s remember that the actresses who sucked him dry and boned him have absolutely NOTHING to gain by coming forward and admitting that they got their careers by screwing that walking hair carpet. So none of them will. Why admit you got that lead role due to your casting couch abilities, even if a victim? They want no part of that. And Hollywood is filled with those women. And they ain’t talking. #metoo?

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