No One Wants To Play Donald Trump’s Inauguration Party

Donald Trump is ready to throw a big inauguration party. Huuuuuge, even. Only one problem. No musician wants to play Donald Trump’s inauguration party. I’m not sure why Trump is having so much trouble locking in a celebrity musician when so many celebrities came out to support him during his run to Presidency.

There was Aaron Carter. Not Alec Baldwin. Twitter troll Azealia Banks. Kid Rock. Every former washed up reality star who saw Trump become President and was like, “That didn’t seem so hard.”

Could you imagine an inauguration party where Aaron Carter and Kid Rock are the musical acts? If America knew they would have to sit through a one hour Aaron Carter and Kid Rock concert if they elected Trump as President, do you think we would have re-considered? Maybe that should have been Hillary’s platform.

“Vote for me and you get a John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce concert at my inauguration. Vote for him and you get the brother of the Backstreet Boy and one of Pam Anderson’s husbands.”

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