The One Finger Selfie Challenge Is a Challenge I Can Get Behind

There’s a new viral challenge in town that makes #mannequinchallenge look like a dumpster fire of mediocrity. It’s called the #onefingerchallenge or #onefingerselfiechallenge or #1fingerselfiechallenge or whatever. The hashtag isn’t important. What is important is the challenge which consists of people (mostly women) attempting to take naked selfies while covering their tits and vag by using only one finger.

Oh, you can stand still while a video camera pans around as Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” plays? Well la-di-da. Try covering your nipples and crotch with only one finger. “That s**t takes skill!,” I tell people in an attempt to justify my looking at these photos.

It all started on Weibo (think Twitter for China) when Japanese artist Sky-freedom’s illustration started going viral.

After that, other users started imitating it. Aimee Davidson did a YouTube video about it. I’m sure her name means something to at least one of you.

Then there was a bunch of other women who jumped on the bandwagon. Instagram quickly started censoring any new posts because they’re a bunch of prudes who want no one to have fun.

Finally. After all these years of the internet being in existence, there are finally women taking naked pictures of themselves and posting them on social media.

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7 years ago

I approve this message