Sasha of ‘The Walking Dead’ Might Be Dying and Going to ‘Star Trek’ Heaven

Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha on The Walking Dead was recently cast in a major role in the new television reboot of Star Trek. It’s very exciting for Sonequa to take part in a new super popular series, but it might not be so great for Sasha fans.

For one, any character on The Walking Dead could die at any time, so really she was never safe to begin with. Also, she’s part of the group of characters planning to assassinate Negan, so it’s not hard to imagine how that could go wrong.

But Entertainment Weekly reports that Sonequa will not be leaving the show and they’ll be able to work around her new Star Trek schedule. Though that sounds pretty difficult, maybe they’ll just send Sasha on a long walk to go get cigarettes and bring her back once her schedule opens up.

So, Walking Dead says Sasha will stay, but who knows how true that is. Maybe they’re planning a crossover where the crew of the Enterprise comes to save the remaining characters of the Walking Dead and then they all get eaten by zombies.

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