Top Earning Musicians of the Year – Spoiler, It’s Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift made $170 million this year, making her not just the highest paid musician, but the highest paid celebrity in the world, according to Forbes. Maybe now she can afford to put her music on Spotify.

One Direction pops up next at $110 million, making them the highest earning boyband of all time. We’ll see if that holds after the New Kids on the Block tour gets on the books.

Adele made $80.5 million and is the only one to make more from record sales than touring. She knows how to do it right. Surprise everyone with an album after fours years, sit back and let the money roll in.

Madonna and Rihanna round out the top five with around $75 a piece. The fact that Madonna is still that high on the list is either a huge testament to Madonna’s talent or a sad statement that no one better than her has come along in 30 years.

Other surprises on the list, Jimmy Buffet made more than Drake this year (never underestimate the power of drunk white people). Bigbang, a K-Pop group, out-performed Katy Perry. Justin Bieber, U2, and Kenny Chesney tied each making $56 million, which is higher than Jay-Z and Beyonce! Diddy is in the top ten with AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, and Garth Brooks.

In other words, music doesn’t make any sense.

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Grumpy Boots
Grumpy Boots
4 years ago

Beyonce made like 250 million from her tour so…

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