Donald Trump Is a Fake President, Uses Fake Props in Photo Ops and Will Probably Call All This Fake News

Politics, what a racket. Now that we’re two days away from our next president being sworn in, it’s time for Donald Trump to get started on his inaugural address. It’ll probably be bullet points on how to make America great again. “1. Stop Muslims, 2. Stop immigration, 3. Make all Trumps $$$”

To show that he’s acutally working for YOU, Trump tweeted (of course) out a photo of himself hard at working writing the beginnings of the greatest inaugural address known to mankind.

Nevermind that the backdrop seriously looks like a Russian boardroom of some sort, the Internet caught onto Trump faking his way through this photo op.

One user wrote “@realDonaldTrump that is a blank piece of paper and you’re holding a closed sharpie.” Quite the eye there.

Trump is so great he doesn’t need to open his Sharpie to write, and that blank paper is just invisible messages he’s writing to Putin.

Keith Olbermann imagined what exactly Trump’s writing on that pad.

Perhaps he’s sketching a love letter to his fav comrade in arms.

Florida Man got into it too. If even Florida Man’s dragging you, then give up, life is over.

Gotta throw in a golden showers joke.

Evil Trump.

Writing with a capped Sharpie and blank writing pad brings to mind only a couple of weeks ago when the same thing happened.

Trump staged his first press conference where he proclaimed while pointing to a mountain of folders next to him, “These papers are just some of the many documents I’ve signed turning over complete and total control to my sons.”

It was a lie.

Stacked next to him were folders filled with blank sheets of paper. Twitter had a field day.

Those writing pads and papers were blank because this guy can’t even write or think one thought without Putin’s help. Also, he blows.

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Stacie Stevens Markham
Stacie Stevens Markham
7 years ago

Well goodness…I’ll take trumps russia over Obama’s global caliphate any day. At least then my head might stay attached to my shoulders. Do you suppose trump will start his own world apology tour? Not to demonize my country but to put the world on notice that…we’re back?