This Is What Happens When Young Thug Doesn’t Show Up for His Video Shoot

Director Ryan Staake has worked on videos with a ton of big name artists like Diplo and A-Trak. The latest artist he was paired up with was Young Thug to shoot a video for his song Wyclef Jean. It didn’t go as planned. At all. Largely because Young Thug didn’t show up. Well, he did, but he showed up hours late and ended up sitting in his car pouting because his Instagram got hacked. Then he drove away.

It was such a s**t show that the only thing Ryan could do was accept his fate and try turn this steaming pile into a passable video. Which he ended up doing because this video for Wyclef Jean is probably ten times better than what would have been.

You can read what happened in this interview Ryan did with Booooooom. On the bright side, Young Thug delivered him a video of him rapping and eating Cheetos for him to use, so, clearly it wasn’t a total loss.

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