Judd Apatow Thinks Donald Trump Will Run America Like It’s ‘The Apprentice’

Like most of American, Judd Apatow doesn’t have high hopes for Donald Trump as President.

Speaking to The New York Times:

“I watched an enormous amount of ‘The Apprentice,’” Apatow said. “Donald Trump sits in his office. He sends his kids to watch the teams do their missions. Then they come back and tell him what they think of it and then he makes an impulsive decision based on the information that Donald Jr. or Ivanka give him. That’s how he’s running the country.”

I tend to think Trump is going to run the country like it’s a business, given how much he talks about deals, but I like ‘The Apprentice’ comparison.

Apatow continued to say that Trump only won because he’s funnier than Hillary Clinton. Take note, Chris Rock. If you run for President, you’ll easily win. Especially if you run against Apatow, who be good in the first debate, but then drone on so much in the second debate that you’ll want to be put out of misery, before slightly picking back up in the third debate, but by then it’s too little too late.

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