Now That the Internet Thinks Donald Trump Hired Russian Hookers to Piss on Him It’s All Over

Ever since that insider info about Trump being a Putin plant that allegedly paid Russian hookers to piss on him came out, the internet is having a great fucking time. Check out some dope jokes about our favorite human piss rag’s favored pastime.

George Takei has been wringing every drop of humor out of the situation.

That’s some solid gold. But he’s not the only one. The rest of Twitter is also having a field day.

Donald Trump and Coldplay. Everything lame in one post.

I almost wish he was an alcoholic. It would explain why he can’t form coherent sentences.

That is very true. And also bigly sad.


I can’t wait to hang out with this guy in the Putin Trump Luxury Gulag when all the dissenters are rounded up for the work camps. He’s hilarious.


Pls come back Craig Fergs.

Patton Oswalt is also killin’ the game:

Thank you Patton Oswalt for being Patton Oswalt.

More like sub Trump.

Same. I’ll help.

Doug Benson for President.

I’m out.

Thank you, Twitter.

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