‘Raw’ Trailer Released — An Erotic Coming of Age Story About an Average Teenage Cannibal

Are you tired of the movie industry’s complete lack of representation of teenage cannibals? Well, there’s finally a film just for you.

The French film Raw just released its first trailer and it’s creepy as all hell. After a girl gets hazed Carrie-style in a veterinary school, she starts craving human flesh.

It’s French, so the trailer is pretty artsy, but doesn’t skimp on the gore. Watch the greenband trailer if you’d rather not see peeled off skin, but know you’ll still see a girl biting into a live man.

If you love horror, keep an eye out for this. It might make you vomit or arouse your own hidden bloodlust. The movie hits theaters March 10th, 2017.

Red band trailer below.

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