Rob Schneider Explains MLK to Rep. John Lewis Who Was Physically Present for MLK’s Biggest Moments

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Rob Schneider has weighed in on the John Lewis-Trump debates.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. day, Rob Schneider tweeted “Rep. Lewis. You are a great person. But Dr. King didn’t give in to his anger or his hurt. That is how he accomplished & won Civil Rights.”

Thank God Schneider reminded Lewis, who physically marched with Dr. King, about how civil rights work. Rep. Lewis probably forgot all about Martin Luther King and was grateful for this pertinent lesson.

Twitter did not go easy on Schneider, who’s more known for his “comedic” work in comically horrible films than his expertise in politics and civil rights.

Some pointed out Schneider’s previous work defending the rights of minorities.

Also, the AV Club found (definitely did not create and photoshop fake tweets) some drafts of other educational Schneider tweets.

So, if you have any questions during these tumultuous political times, Rob Schneider is here for your edification. Please tweet him any questions and bask in the “Makin’ Copies” guy’s expertise.

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