Ronda Rousey Stands with a Different Kind of Rock

In December, the Dakota Access pipeline was shut down thanks in large part due to the protests at Standing Rock. Standing Rock is home of the Sioux tribe reservation, and they didn’t want this pipeline running through it. Given how much we’ve already taken from Native Americans, their protests were valid. The pipeline would have transferred oil across four states and cost $3.7 billion.

Then Donald Trump got elected President.

Trump, who is all about spending money to make money, signed an executive order to re-open the the pipeline because Indians are a minority and who cares what they think?

Enter: Ronda Rousey.

Rousey, who has been MIA since getting KO’d by Amanda Nunes, showed up at Standing Rock to join the protest. Maybe this was the rock she was planning to rebuild her life on.

All I know is that UFC boss and Trump supporter Dana White isn’t going to be pleased.

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