Russian Propaganda TV Cuts Into C-SPAN Feed, The Takeover Begins

Oh, glorious Russia! This is incredibly funny, Russia’s troll game is too good. This afternoon, Rep. Maxine Waters was giving a speech on the house floor regarding SEC regulations. That sounds as exciting as your 8am lectures.

Suddenly, a feed of Russia’s online propganda channel, RT, cut into C-SPAN’s online feed. Really sunny, cartoony music played while pics of random Russian tweets showed up. Evidently, a commercial break. Then, an English-speaking Russian anchor comes on air and talks about America’s election politics. Watch the longer version after the tweet, the takeover begins at 2:35.

C-SPAN issued a statement:

This afternoon the online feed for C-SPAN was briefly interrupted by RT programming. We are currently investigating and troubleshooting this occurrence. As RT is one of the networks we regularly monitor, we are operating under the assumption that it was an internal routing issue. If that changes we will certainly let you know.

Ehh, Russian TV, Trump press conferences, they’re all the same. Just don’t take away the NFL and we’re good.

[H/T Gizmodo]

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